Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Money Can't Buy It

Today was a great day, but didn't end as well as I thought it would.

All day I was so excited, because my Mother informed me that we would be going to do a little shopping soon. As most people know, shopping is my hobby. So, I was really excited.

After I was informed, we started school (ugh!). The school day was pretty normal:

I wake up, read the Bible, eat breakfast SUPPPPER fast, pile my huge stack of books in front of me, sharpen my pencil, pinch myself to make sure that this is real and I really have to do ALL THAT SCHOOL, then work on it until it's ALL DONE (about 4:30), help Mom with dinner (or hold the baby), eat dinner, have our casual meal-eating talks, check facebook, possibly write a blog, sometimes do extra school so that I can get ahead at some point and possibly graduate at *15*! (Hold the applause, hold the applause). Then, I get into bed, and then... Fall asleep.

So yeah... That's pretty much my school day. My weekends mostly consist of studying, reading, and computerizing.

ANYWAY- Back to the story.

I was on the computer, and started thinking about some things. So, this is the message that I have for my lovely readers today:

Money can buy you school supplies, it can buy you a house, it can buy you a car, it can buy you a garden, it can buy you clothes, it can buy you food, it can buy you shoes, it can buy you electronics, it can buy you a microwave, it can buy you gas, it can buy you pretty much anything. Once you have these things, it may make you happy for a little while, but there are some things that money can't buy you:

Though money can buy you a house, only God can make it a home (props to Pastor John Hagee for that one), money can buy you a car, but only God can make it start, money can buy you a garden, but only God can make it grow, money can buy you clothes, but only God can make them last, money can buy you food, but only God can make it nourish you, money can buy you shoes, but only God can keep them from wearing out, money can buy you electronics, but only God can make them work, money can buy you a microwave, but only God can make it heat your food instead of freezing it, and money can buy you gas, but only God can give it to you.

Money can't buy me eternal happiness, money can't buy me a new heart to replace the broken one, money can't buy me love from family members, money can't buy me a new life, and money can't buy me God's love.

God can give me eternal happiness, God can heal my broken heart and make it new again, God can restore the relationships in my family, God can give me a new life with him, and God can give me his everlasting love.

It's so tiring just even thinking about certain things in our lives, and it kills me inside to know that other people go through the same things.

God loves me, and that's the important thing. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blogging Tips

Here are some blogging tips that I highly suggest you use, seeing that I didn't do a lot of thinking! Ahh... But there's a first time for everything right? And I guess it just means that now I know how NOT to do certain things? Hehe!;D

1: Never set your blogger (or website) Chat Box as the color of your website, because if you end up changing your colors and go to change the color of the box, you might've forgotten your Cbox account username and password and have to dig through all of your old emails to try to find it!

2: You may also want to make sure that your playlist color is the one that you are going to want forever, because you may forget that account information, too!

Alright, I think once you have those down, you're good to go!

Ahhh.... The wonderful life of blogging, and all the fun it may bring! ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wouldn't Wanna Be Anybody Else

Many times we're so hard on ourselves. We try to be perfect, try to make ourselves look prettier than the next girl, and point out many flaws about ourselves... I've often caught myself doing all of that, all the time- I also often find that I fail at it easily.

God cares about how you feel about yourself, and he wants you to feel beautiful inside and out, but- God has created everything about you, and has molded you into something beautiful for Him! He has so much more for you than worrying about how you look or feel, he wants you to live out your full potential that HE gave you...

I am so into makeup and the latest fashion. It's perfectly okay IF I don't let it be bigger than God in my life... You see, God wants us to enjoy ourselves and he spoils us often, but he also wants to be first in our lives.

I think Nichole Nordeman puts it beautifully that God loves us no matter how we look in her song "Beautiful For Me"-

Friday, December 10, 2010


Tonight I went to wrap Christmas presents that will be going to a bunch of little kids! How cool is that? Very!

We often forget of how much we really do have. My mom and I went shopping the other day and everyone is just so mad and angry, and they can't wait for Christmas to be over with... Why not be thankful that you are able to buy a gift here and there, because do you know how much it hurts to not be able to get anything at all around Christmas? I'm thankful for what I have, it may not be much, but I'm happy with it.

Someone asked me tonight "Grace, what do you want the most for Christmas?". I quickly replied with a "iPod Nano 6th generation because the shuffles don't have a screen" (lol!). But then I was thinking... I really don't need anything for Christmas, because being able to wrap and give presents away is enough of a Christmas present for me.. Other things would be nice, too... But I enjoy giving a lot, and that's the perfect present in my book.